About Us

The Viewfinder is a student staffed multimedia online magazine. Most of the staff are students majoring in Interactive Media Studies, but that is not a requirement to contribute to the publication. We have seasoned seniors on staff as well as upcoming underclassmen, so there is a wide range of talent and styles and a place for everyone. Submissions are comprised of students' current and past projects, as well as products of creative hobbyists. This term, the Viewfinder staff decided upon the theme of "movies". We incorporated this theme not only into our website, but also into all of the content we created for this issue. We've organized our content into the above categories. We hope you browse our work and enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Submissions outside the staff are always accepted and will be published after editor approval. Additional writers and new talents are always welcome. Meetings are Mondays from 4pm to 5pm in Carnegie Lab 111. The adviser of this publication is Dr. Stephen Renk. If you would like to join or submit one of your very own projects, please contact Annie Godzicki at aegodzicki@noctrl.edu, the current editor of the publication.